Travel Wedding Guide

Welcome to the best Travel Wedding Guide; everything from top wedding destinations, to amazing resorts and location venues. Here you’ll basically find a how to guide for an amazing destination wedding of a lifetime.

Things to Consider when Planning a Destination Wedding

Having your wedding in a exotic location can be exhilarating and romantic, however it requires logistics and more planning than just purchasing a vacation packages on-line. Our top-seasoned-expert will provide you with important things to keep in mind when planning your wedding destination far away.

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Marriage Requirements Getting Married in Mexico

While many couples opt to marry in their home country, and after have a symbolic wedding in Mexico due to cost, and required paperwork involved, there are still some couples whom want their wedding day in Mexico to be official. In these cases, it’s highly recommended you have a local wedding coordinator to help you through the complex process.

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Thinking about Having a Destination Wedding?

Running off to get married to a distant location was synonymous with what was known in the past as eloping; traveling away to marry with no family approval. Today however destination weddings in distant locations look very different, and are now synonymous with all-inclusive resorts, family wedding vacations, and stunning beaches and scenic wedding backdrops to tie the knot.

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Rainbow Romance LGBT Weddings in Mexico

A year after Mexican officials in Quintana Roo announced that same-sex couples were allowed to marry in the municipality, the Riviera Maya has become a top honeymoon destination for LGBT couples according to the popular site Same-sex marriage are performed without restriction in Mexico City as well as in Nayarit home of the Riviera Nayarit, also known as Nuevo Vallarta.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Destination Weddings Etiquette

Proper wedding etiquette can be tantalizing, complex, and not “knowing the norm,” intimidating. And planning a wedding in a far away destination only adds to the anxiety with it’s own set of logistics with different rules applying when traveling is involved.

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